Sunday, July 7, 2013

Getting back into drawing

It's been years since I've seriously applied myself to drawing and the urge came back a few months ago. I decided to get back to basics by taking up an online drawing class with Studio Technique (  If ever you are looking for a way to start drawing, get back into it or just get better, I highly recommend it! Samantha Youssef is a wonderful teacher with a solid experience. I just finished a first class, 10 sessions. It was very humbling and hard, I felt rusty with all aspects of drawing,  but I am slowly feeling the confidence getting back. That was my goal and it feels great to do this again! Below I am sharing a few drawings I did during the course of those 10 weeks. These are short poses, done in 2-5 minutes, except the last one that was done in 10 minutes.

I am starting a second class that will last another 10 weeks in September. Already looking forward to it! 

The last year and a half!

It's been ages since I posted anything here. A few big things happened since my last post...Worked on my first motion capture-vfx movie "Jack the Giant Slayer", spent a summer working on some dialog exercises through iAnimate and moved to Dallas, TX to work on Reel Fx's first feature "Free Birds" coming out on November 1st 2013! I can't wait for this one to come out and share the hard and passionate work we've all been doing.

There are many news articles out there and a hilarious trailer you can watch on the official website:

Enjoy !