Sunday, March 16, 2014

Light and shadow

First, I must apologize for not updating the blog in the past two weeks. I went through a big move in a record time for me, and although I've been drawing, it's been hard to update my blog...mainly because of internet access!

We've been practicing some light and shadow this week. Something I haven't really payed much attention to up to now. Haven't figured out the best way to render it yet...for now, I'm focusing on where to actually put those shadows. 


  1. bravo... tu as trouvé le temps de dessiner.
    Mon préféré, cette semaine, c'est le 2 ième. Pour la pose bien sûr, mais aussi pour la luminosité. C'était le but cette semaine.

    1. Hehe! En effet, pas facile de trouver le temps, mais surtout s'organiser pour dessiner! J'aime bien quand tu me dis lesquels de mes dessins tu preferes. Merci! :)

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  3. are those long poses?! that's really good! Trop bien ;-)