Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Another year, a new demo reel!

2014 was probably the busiest and most hectic year of my career. It was also the most exciting one as I got to work on projects that I have a strong connection too: movies that speak to the heart, that talk about relationships and identity with a whole lot of love. On top of that, the teams I worked with were uplifting and sincere. I made close friends along the way, people that taught me a lot. It's a rare opportunity and I am greatly thankful for it.

Click on the link below to look at a montage of my latest best work (If you haven't seen the movies I worked on -look at the video description for the titles- do know that there are a few spoilers in there). Send-me a message with your contact info if you would like to see my reel.

Hope you enjoy!