Sunday, February 1, 2015

Drawings with a Cintiq

I`ve had a Cintiq for a few weeks now. I`m always intimidated by new technology. It always drains me to learn the basics. It`s just not my forte. It took me a while before installing it. I started by just doodling around. I am nowhere near having found a workflow  with it, but I still wanted to do some rough sketches with it so it felt less like a stranger and more like a fun drawing toy. I`m looking forward to getting used to it! Drawings between 5 and 10 mins.


  1. C'est peut-être à cause de ton nouveau gadget, mais les lignes du dessin sont plus claires. L'effet est saisissant...

    1. Merci! En fait, beaucoup de mes dessins des entrees de blogues recentes avaient ete pris en photos puisque je dessinais sur du papier 16x24 avec du fusain ou des crayons conte.