Sunday, May 10, 2015

The simple ones are always the hardest

Some poses that seem simple can end up giving you a real headache. I`m not sure if the second pose below reads... Especially all the upper body section starting with the angled torso with her right upper arm foreshortened just over the foreshortened head. Yikes! The last two poses, I included some gesture again this week with the two last poses with both the gesture and the drawing where I took my time more.


  1. hummmmmm....effectivement, en regardant le dessin, on peut penser que la pose sera facile. Mais,en y repensant bien et en regardant le détail des muscles, notre impression change. C'est fascinant.

    1. J'adore avoir les impressions de ton regard qui est a la base entraine pour la science! :)