Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekly figure drawing

I should use the term figure drawing to describe the posts from the last few months on this blog. Life drawing basically refers to drawing from a live model while I`ve been using the youtube channel "New Masters Academy" to draw. While drawing from a picture or video has nothing to do with drawing from real life, it's been  incredibly helpful to practice the basics whenever I find some time. Should you find yourself in the position where time is hard to find or if there aren't life drawing sessions near where you live, there are tons of resources online now. 


  1. Il me semble que la 3 ième pose est vraiment nouvelle. Peut-être parce que justement elle vient
    du net...Ton propos est très intéressant... et tes dessins aussi...

    1. En fait, depuis janvier toutes mes sessions de modele "vivant mais pas vraiment vivant" viennent de ces videos sur Youtube. Le modele avait une carrure assez massive, c'est peut etre ca qui sort de la pose...?