Sunday, August 16, 2015

Pirate character facial study

A few weeks ago I finished the a first term learning about character design taught by Nate Wragg at CGMA. We had to do a turn around of one of the characters we had drawn in the previous weeks. I chose one of the pirates from this drawing: . Doing a turn around from an illustration always requires some adjustments to make the character functional without loosing their appeal...challenging!  

I recently attended a weekend masterclass taught by Samantha Youssef at Studio Technique covering facial anatomy and expressions. I knew the face had muscles, but didn't know about the main ones and their purpose. A class I recommend to all artists...and riggers! I used the pirate to explore some facial expressions. 

It's  exciting to create characters of your own...humbling and intimidating too, but a very enlightening process. 


  1. Tes visages sont tellement expressifs ! Ils vont bouger sous nos yeux...

    1. Merci beaucoup C'est une exercise tres amusant!