Sunday, February 7, 2016

Getting back into drawing ...again!

Time to wipe off the dust my drawing practice...It's about time I pick the pencil again. I needed some time to recharge after finishing animating on the Angry Birds movie. I also had to adjust to a new life and routine to start off 2016 as I moved back to the East Coast for a new and exciting gig. 

I recently read this book:  It was a fantastic recap of what I had learned in Samantha's classes. I cannot recommend this book enough! There are some notions that I learned during class that I understood better after reading the book. Maybe time helps for things to sink in with practice? Today, as I was drawing, I noticed that I don't pay enough attention to some basic things that I should focus on with the first line I start drawing. Never stop learning! 

The studio I am working at offers life drawing sessions which I can't wait to go to and hopefully share some drawings of on this blog. Today's sketches though were from the same Youtube channel I've been using in the past. Hope you enjoy


  1. Je suis contente pour toi. Tes dessins sont toujours aussi inspirants...