Sunday, March 23, 2014

Class 3 done!

This week marks the end of my classes with Samantha's Studio Technique drawing classes. Unless more drawing classes are added online  ( wink wink, Sam!)  It's been a wonderful year getting back into drawing. I feel like I not only got back to where I was many years ago, but a little further. Now comes the hard part: continue on my own. I might not update this blog every week, but I do hope to keep it alive with drawings and animation.

This week's drawing is a summary of everything we've looked at in Class 3. It's an image from a picture of the Mary Poppins musical. I thought the actress' expression and pose was so eloquent. It's my first time dabbling with clothing... fun, but still complex for me.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Light and shadow

First, I must apologize for not updating the blog in the past two weeks. I went through a big move in a record time for me, and although I've been drawing, it's been hard to update my blog...mainly because of internet access!

We've been practicing some light and shadow this week. Something I haven't really payed much attention to up to now. Haven't figured out the best way to render it yet...for now, I'm focusing on where to actually put those shadows.